Elements colliding in different browser sizes

Hi, Im new to webflow, In the section below about the CEO when changing different browser types in desktop the elements collide and move weirdly (the floating graph moves to the right a whole lot, the text doesnt change size. Im not sure which size Im supposed to use like VW or VH or min W max W etc… How do i Fix it? Thanks

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Rtube reworked

This is how its supposed to look-

And this is when changing size

Hey @Stefan_Mitrovic,

Welcome to the forum!

I recorded a demo here to show you how I’d go about fixing these issues: Screen Recording 2022-05-10...

This is just how I’d start off but hopefully there’s something useful in there!



WOW. I have no words. I know it took you probably 10 mins of work to record this but you saved me HOURS. A million thanks, bro. I’m a web designer by trade and now I’m learning webflow and The biggest problem for me is making things responsive, you’ve solved 80% of my problems right here. again, THANK YOU!
I see that your name is Milan, it’s a Slavic name so was wondering are you maybe from the Balkans, maybe my neighbor :). Thanks again

Hey @Stefan_Mitrovic,

No problem at all! Completely get it, it takes some time to learn how to design responsively and not have to make heaps of changes in smaller breakpoints later :sweat_smile:

I’d definitely recommend checking this lesson out, will save you lots of time down the track: Intro to responsive design | Webflow University

I’m actually from Australia! I was named after the Czech author Milan Kundera.

Also, let me know if you need any more help!

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Thank you again. I’ve finished the rest of the website in preview mode, but I still have a lot of problems with responsive optimization. I don’t know if its a lot to ask but could you take a look at it and try to show me some ways I could optimize it. It would be a lot of help. I watched the academy video but I still get lost in all the elements. Thanks you again

Read only link - Webflow - Rtube reworked

Hey @Stefan_Mitrovic,

Looking good! I recorded another video for you - I’ll send you a DM.