Elements are missing

Hello Everyone, I am experiencing very strange behaviors for some elements on my “how it works” page. This is my current analysis.

Elements missing:
-Shopping cart button on the nav bar.
-The “Discover More” button should be under the hero text. - “Clinical Technology now available to the public”


  • The buttons are rendered on the canvas however are not visible. The functionality of the buttons works but you cannot see the elements in live view.

  • When you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and then back up… you can then see the missing elements.

Things I know aren’t causing the issue… I think

  • Incorrect imports for my vectary module.

I have tried deleting the button and setting a new element in it’s place and it still doesn’t work. Any insight into this problem would be fantastic. Thanks.

Website Page Link:

Read Me:


Hi @Ari_Tavakoli ,

Welcome to the forum!

I’ve recorded a quick demo to show you how to fix this here: Screen Recording 2022-06-10...

Hope this helps!

Wow, awesome fix. Thanks a lot for your time and expertise. Just wondering, feel free to ignore, how did you go about debugging it?

@Ari_Tavakoli I could see it was occurring in the Designer preview which rules out custom code as it’s only rendered on publish.

Then process of elimination - started by deleting all the sections on the page, button not hidden any more, start re-adding sections and previewing to see when it stops working again.

Had a feeling it was interaction-related because they were showing at the beginning of previewing but faded out.

So I re-added that section (buttons disappeared again), checked the interaction and then could see the ‘Button’ class opacity being affected.

Hope this helps!