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Elementary School in Webflow with Google Apps and FullCalender integration

A couple volunteers converted our children’s elementary school website from native HTML/Bootstrap3 website to Webflow. We tried some school based CMS’s also, but ended up going the Webflow route. The site is at:

Being our first Webflow site, I am sure it has some issues. Some key things from it:

  • Integrated a beta version of FullCalendar to link the school’s calendar in an Agenda view. Timing on this functionality couldn’t have been better.
  • Use Google Apps embeds to host most of the files for the school and also integrate some folder views.
  • Combination of CMS and static pages.

Next up is to implement a Lightbox solution to create a school photo gallery (also looking at embed of Google Photos as an alternative option).

Also I may recreate the site from scratch and focus on more reusable CSS components. We ended up with CSS bloat, and having finished the site I have a much better idea how to manage CSS in Webflow now (as in don’t try, since its not like a developer view).

The news section also needs some work, we want to add more navigation into it.

Lots more to add and do and refactor as we move forward.

Anyways, thought people might appreciate seeing a fully functional, in production, elementary school site in Webflow.

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You should post your subdomain link as we cannot see any custom code in the editor.

Good point.

We added a new feature. The Webflow Lightbox linked to Google Drive driven from a collection.

It uses a combination of custom javascript on the photos page, the Google Drive API via javascript, Webflow collections/CMS, and the built in Lightbox component.

I can’t take credit, another parent volunteer did this particular add-on.