Element start scrolling after a certain point

Dear Forum,

Does anyone have an idea on how to realise the following?:

I want a big overlayed headline on my website, set to absolute so the Acutal content of the website is visible underneath. I only want the scrolling of the content to start once the headline has scrolled out of the way. I played with position: sticky, but it’s kind of the reverse of what i’m trying to achieve.

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I have come up with a solution where the site under the headline is set to fixed and once the headline is out of the way the cursor can scroll in the fixed div. Bit of a janky solution… It shows a second scrollbar and all that… Is it possible to get the same effect with animations or position: sticky somehow?

it works… but is it possible to solve it with animations or position magic?

Thanks for your help.


Anyone any ideas? the solution I have is too glitchy :kissing_heart: