Element on trigger mouse tap opening all class elements when only want one

I have links that are triggered when clicked to open / hide content underneath. When one is clicked they all open, it should be one at a time, only when clicked open / closed.

what am I doing wrong?

I know I have a million other things I need to fix, this is my last part before I start naming and adjusting every breakpoint to look properly.

Thank you!

Here is my public share link: [LINK](Webflow - Michael's Radical Site)
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If you have an interaction, you want to change it to affect the element clicked, rather than all elements with class X.

I have only element selected for it. not class. When I on the interactions page

Thank you so very much! This is the best help I ever could have asked for! I am going to give your advice a shot, and yes those were the proper links, sorry about not being descriptive enough.

As for the complex animations, I made them so when for example, media relations is clicked, it plays out an animation and parts load at different times. However it only happens the first time you click / open it. To play again you have to refresh the page. I am currently trying to figure out how to keep it going everytime it is activated.

As I work on this, and I hope it is ok I ask, how to I have a mouse click tap happen every instance? instead of only on load and one time. For example if you click on media relations, the content shows and the instance animates. If I close it and open it, it doesn’t animate again, how I can make it animate every time?

Also, when I open media relations, and then open influencer relations or any others of those links all the animations have already played out. Do I need to make unlink them so they are not components? Lastly, how can I make it when when I click media relations, and then click influencer marketing, that then, media relations closes? I am struggling/ Thank you again, you have already been a huge help!