Element interaction not working on mobile view


There was not any kind of problem, per-se. Only bad design choices.


Has anyone else encountered a problem with Transform X - Interactions not triggering properly on Tablet-view or smaller screens?

I have an image at my site that has a Scroll Into View-interaction, and for some reason it only triggers on desktop. The image-element has a Transform X set to -100% at Initial State and 0% when scrolled into view. I have set it to trigger on all devices, and all the parent elements have overflow visible.

For some reason it does work on Tablet or Phone size if I set the Initial State to Transform X -70%. But should that matter though, since we are talking about the image being 100% transferred to left, and then slide into view regardless of the screen width?

Here is the Read Only-link:

The problem occurs at Container-Fullwidth with ID “inner-design”. Interaction is set to the image element with the class “Image 3”.

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