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Element Edges and Element Pop-Ups don't show up until browser resize

I can’t see element edges and pop ups until I resize the browser.

See how the padding and margins are missing too:

Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks

You’re on Windows and I assume your browser is Chrome (required) and up-to-date?

So the usual to start with: Empty everything in Chrome settings, caches, history, everything. Then reboot your computer.

If the issue is still there, uninstall all Chrome extensions and reboot, or try the next step directly.

If the issue is still there, create a new user session, a fresh one with admin rights, switch to this session and test again.

If the issue is still there, download Chrome Canary, latest stable build, and try. If this doesn’t work, get he very last build and retry.


(also I think not eating sugar probably makes you speak Latin)

The image in the background is an embedded video that plays during design mode. When I delete the video everything works.

There’s no way to stop videos from playing while in design, is there?

BTW eating sugar makes me speak in tongues.