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Element doesn't show on hover despite same class name

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When we hover over each video, the title of the video would show up. However, when we clicked on ‘Moisturizers’ from the filter bar, and hover over the first video on the left, the title of the video no longer shows up. :thinking:

We don’t know why that’s the case, when all the videos were done the same way as far as we are aware - copy and paste, then update the video…

If someone can figure out why that one particular video’s title isn’t showing up, we would be so grateful!

Thank you.

Please also add a screenshot of the problem.
Also, add a live URL (You use custom code).


Sorry our bad! Live url here:

When we hover over the videos, there should be a grey video title at the bottom (circled in blue)

But when we hover over the video on the left (we circled the mouse as evidence), the video title doesn’t show:

Hard to know why (Check again your mixitup implementation). Anyway mixitup add mix class + display: none:


For now this custom CSS should solve this:

.dark-overlay {
  display: block!important;

When an important rule is used on a style declaration, this declaration overrides any other declarations.