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Element Disappear Under Invisible Element


I’ve recently been building a site and I ran into one problem. Is there anyway I can use an element that when something is scrolled under it you won’t be able to see the stuff scrolling under it behind this ‘invisible’ element. But this element that covers the elements that scroll under must also be invisible. Is there anyway this can be possible ?

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Have a div block set to overflow hidden.
Put a picture inside it.
Move the picture.

Tick solve and give me a heart if it works/helps.


Thank you for your help! I tried and this is what happened.

Here’s my link:


not sure but I cant load that link, gives loads of protection issues.

Try this

And I’m also editing in the base breakpoint

Ok I am in.
Can you be more specific as to what I am looking at.
I would suggest you put the background image on the body page if you can.