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Element Class not displaying anywhere...even though I know it exists

Hey Team,

I’m really struggling with ONE particular problem that has had me bogged for ages!
I have cloned a tab slider from another project which I am trying to edit. The problem is there’s a class called “tabs-link-bg 2” however it’s not showing in the “selector” section of the style panel after clicking through every element.

I want to edit it however I can’t simply create a new element under this class name because I’m using the slider twice on my site and in one case i want it to be 33.3% wide and in another case 25% wide, therefore I have to find the class and edit them separately. Would be very grateful if someone could help. Thank you


Here is my site Read-Only:

I am pretty sure it is inside your hexagon symbol. Once you delete that symbol (if it is not used) you can clean styles.

Hey Dram,

Thanks for trying to help! If by hexagon symbol you mean “expanding hexagon” I checked all the elements within that symbol and none of them contain the “tabs-link-bg 2” class so still unsure where it could be hiding…

Check it out

It is a list of classes that are being cleaned after you delete this symbol. Your rouge class is very much there :smiley:

That’s “tabs-link-bg” which was part of a previous iteration
I’m referring to “tabs-link-bg 2”

Yeah, open the image in full and you will see it.