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Element border issue with thumbnail images

Hey, I’m trying to create a most reviewed articles section for my blog page and while styling them I’d like to have the blog cards to have a border that is tied to the cms color for their category.

As the cards also have a thumbnail image, the card borders are not overlapping perfectly with the image and there’s like a 1 px indent between the images and the border. I’ve tried everything I can think of to resolve this, but nothing has worked out. I hope you can help me out.

Here is my site read only link: LINK

Hey, I still haven’t received any assistance from anyone and I really would like to know how to resolve this.

The link you provided seems to be invalid (it was only missing a semicolon) but I’m getting a 404 after fixing it.

Can you make sure the share link is still enabled in the Designer?

Hey there, @mikeyevin this is really weird as I copied and pasted it directly from the designer clipboard.

Anyway, the link should be working now and I suppose the visual inefficiency was caused my the screen I was looking at it. Now that I’m back at my home setup, I don’t see a gap. Can you please confirm this is the case for you too haha.

I’m not seeing any issues on my end as I scrub through the Designer Preview viewport sizes :+1:

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