Element appears even when it's hidden

Trying to make the megamenu on mobile. After creating several interactions and setting certain divs’ initial state to hidden I open the preview, click on Hamburger menu and see them open right away.

They are hidden both in the interface and in the interaction their initial state is ‘hidden’. I’m completely puzzled as to why they appear on their own.

After I interact with the megamenu and close the respective divs, everything starts working normal. It’s just that on the first load they show when they’re not supposed to.

I have given these divs yellow and red colors so it’s easier to spot them.

Here is my site Read-Only (only Mobile): Webflow - Team's Ultra-Awesome Site

Hi @11136, the yellow and red divs only appear if I click on Shops and Category Name on my end. Nothing appears automatically. Are you still experiencing this problem?