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Effect of (Move) Interactions on Neighboring Objects

BACKGROUND: I have a div block with a text header, paragraph and an image (see Image A below). I have created interactions to make the div block expand to show extra text when a “More…” button is clicked. To do this my interactions make certain objects visible and moves them around.

PROBLEM: I’m now running into issues with how the interactions are affecting the position of nearby objects. In the example on Image A below I have the div block with the interaction and it’s clone below it. When I activate the interaction in the top block (click on “More…”) I want it to just push the bottom div block down entirely. This happens but the second block gets pushed down too far (see Image B). I can’t figure out what is dictating how far it gets pushed down.

My browser is Chrome 42.0.2311.90 and my public link is:

Any advice would be awesome, thanks!

Image A

Image B

Hi @mrtruji, something like this may benefit from having the wrapper element change height from px to auto and then back to px.

This demo may be helpful:
Page Title: Show/Hide on Click

​I hope this helps. :smile:

Thanks. The demo site helped a lot!