Editor unresponsiveness


I’m considering subscribing to a paid plan and I’ve been exploring the Designer/Editor in read-only mode and I’m finding it very unresponsive both on Safari and Chrome. This unresponsiveness is a deal breaker for me. For example, the editor often misses keystrokes when typing at slow speed.

Is the editor usually this slow? If not, are there any steps that could help me troubleshoot what the issue is?

Thank you

Not sure where in the world you are but it is entirely possible that you are experiencing network issues. I always recommend checking status.webflow.com and if clear there you can try using a vpn or other network provider to isolate.

I’m in the UK. I don’t think the network is the issue. The status page shows everything is fine. It’s just the tool that is not very responsive. Do you have a desktop application?

Network congestion, and degraded performance can occur anywhere. Your home, your office, your ISP, etc. Webflow is a web based app only. Side note: I am not an employee.