Editor prevents edition of elements fixed at bottom of viewport

Hi again,

I’ve noticed another little editor bug and a little suggestion to correct this problem :

When you have elements in your project that are fixed to the bottom of the viewport (typical of a tab bar for instance) the “editor tab bar” hides the inputs to edit content. See screenshot

One quickfix could be to just position the webflow tab bar in relative and not fixed ?
Or if it’s an iframe or a flex div set the size of the site to 100vh minus the height of tab bar?


Hi @pepperclip

Thanks so much for posting about this issue.

This is definitely odd behavior. I’ve let the team know about this and we’ll work on finding a solution.

​Thanks in advance for your help and patience. :bowing_man:

Thanks @Brando no urgency, I’ll be editing this for my client through the designer.
I just thought it might be an issue for other projects. And if there is an easy fix…

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