Editor not working for Hero section in mobile landscape


It seems the editor gets stuck when it comes to edit Hero section of mobile landscape. For the rest of elements and views, it’s working ok. However, when I select Hero section in mobile landscape it gets the configuration of the latest selected element. And I can’t edit this configuration. If I select another element and I go back to Hero section, again, it changes its configuration to the new latest element…

It seems a bug…

Thanks for any feedback about this issue in advance!


Hi @Victoria_Beltran,

Welcome to Webflow and the Webflow Community :smiley:

This sounds like very unusual behaviour within the designer??

Can you provide a ‘Read-Only’ share link for your project and we can have a look at why it might be happening.


Hi Keiran,

Sure, this is the link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/newnusade?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=newnusade&preview=512c891b4197d2897ab0f185dc25fe9e&mode=preview

Thanks for helping me with this issue!


Hi @Victoria_Beltran,

I agree this seems to be a bug!

I tried to test a few things and then the designer crashed!

@matthewpmunger or @Brando are you able to identify if this in fact a bug?


PS: @vincent Just saw you were online, wondering if you might know why this is happening??

I’m not able to see a bug, what are you both talking about exactly, can you give me a scenario? Like “select the Hero element, pass it to 60vh, then …”


Thanks Vicent for checking it.

Can you try these steps?:

  • Go to mobile landscape
  • select Hero section. Check the style of this section on the right column.
  • Select any other section as for example “Content section metas”
  • Select Hero section again
  • Check the style of Hero section --> It has changed. Now it has the style of “Content section metas”
  • try to edit the Heron section’s style --> the style modifications don’t work. They are not saved in the right column. I think that they are applied but, since you can’t see the changes in the right column, it’s impossible to know what the style configuration of Hero section is.

Thank you very much for your help!