Editor mode keeps breaking layouts

Hi there, my client and myself are having issues with a layout changing and I’m going a bit crazy!

Problem: I have a few instances of layouts where they’re setup as columns, but for some reason why the client goes to change image/text, it breaks them and turns into rows instead.

Any idea why this would be?

The odd thing is, it always looks fine on the designer view. But somehow in the editor view it breaks.

On this page, provide joy/provide warmth/feed a family etc keeps breaking. Should be 3 columns, not rows

Thanks in advance for any help!


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Kindness Collective

Just in case anyone stumbles upon this, oddly it was components causing the issue. When my client would edit content in an (unrelated) component, it’d break the stacks on the page. I’ve unlinked the components and that’s fixed the problem. Very odd!