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Editor issues - More than two columns display error

NOTE: This error is ONLY viewable in the editor panel. The Design panel looks as it should.

Hey gang, the CMS template connected to the ‘find mining jobs’ collection is displaying incorrectly.
Below is how it should look as per the designer portal

Below is how it appears in the page Editor portal

What have I done incorrectly? never seen this issue before :frowning:

Readonly link below

in advance, many thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Pit n Portal Mining & Equipment Services
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Ok, managed to find what the error is.
Anything more than two columns in the grid is displaying incorrectly.
Could really do with some help on this gang!
Oh, and BTW, it is not only on the Collection template, it is across all pages where I’ve used more than two columns in grid layout