Editor has User Management Access?

Hey guys - looking into users for a client, just wondering if I use Webflow’s new user system, will editors/collaborators be able to send user invites or will they have to have designer access to do this?

Hi Shaneod, you’ll probably have to ask that in the BETA forums.
Currently I don’t see any user admin features in the editor, but I wouldn’t expect this to be a long-term plan.

In the worst case, you can build a user admin tool through the API, or by using automation and AirTable.

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Thanks for answering @memetican - i didn’t find the beta boards, yea was thinking about airtable hookup as per the intro video demo but Make doesn’t seem to be able to hook up to the user actions yet and unless it’s a no-code setup it’s probably too much work for my use case in this case.