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Editor form page does not scroll down due to custom age verification script

When using the Editor (my frustrated client) attempting to view incoming emails and signups, they are experiencing a blockage on being able to see the full website as the page will not scroll down to reveal the additional information below the fold.

One of the 3 websites they hired me to launch is:

All help is appreciated!

Thank you

Hi there @LaMer_Walker ,

Thanks for getting in touch. It looks like there is some custom code loading an age verification script that is conflicting with the editor.

At the moment the only solution is to remove that custom code, or check the age verification script and trace down where the conflict is coming in.

It might also be helpful to try loading the script in a different way, it is something to check with the script creator. I hope this helps.

Thank you. I’m checking to see how I can address the script.

The very odd thing is the website works just fine with regard to scrolling with the script in place. It is only the Editor that has the scroll bug which is peculiar since as a novice, I would think is a separate layer all together from the front end experience.

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