Editor elements change in different devices

As you can see attached, the editor doesn’t really show me what Webflow seems to be famous for: “seamless switching between devices”.
How can I fix it? What am I doing wrong (is it the spacing that’s supposed to be in some other measure other than px?) And why getting rid of one element in one device influences the larger breakpoint too?

Thanks to everybody that’ll help.

A couple of things to take into consideration

  1. use modern units instead of px
  2. use css grid for better control
  3. Don’t use sections or containers - much trouble, less fun

I think the problem is that you’ve set up the document in a way which will give yourself more trouble. Post a read only link

I’m pretty new to this world so I’m sure I am not choosing the right ways, anyway there’s the link. Webflow - farmacia faggioni

What would you recommend instead of using scetions and containers?