Editor can't see forms entrees anymore

Hello! I know there’s been some changes recently and now my client said to me that he can’t see the forms entrees anymore in the editor. Is this a bug to fix or this feature is just discontinued?

Hi @mauribazan

Sorry, i’m in a bit of a rush, but take a look at point 2 in this link, and check the settings - see if it has been switched off?

I did checked that out, as an admin I can see the form submitions but the editor (my client) can’t.

I know, they are already receiving it by mail. But apparently they gave someone else (who doesn’t have the access of that email) the task to check the forms via webflow.

So, they’re asking me about that…

Hi @mauribazan

Thanks for posting about this.

That definitely sounds like weird behavior – can you please let me know what site you are seeing this issue on? Can you please share your Read-Only link?

I’ve also notified the rest of the team of the issue and we will do some more digging into this to see if we can figure out if an update would have caused this. I’ll post back when I have more information for you.

Yes, here’s the site’s read-only link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/drelichmanabogados?preview=0f2353993f33eb9a00155a001e31c294

Here’s some screenshots also if it helps.

It used to be in this menu bar

I also checked this out when Stum mentioned it

Hi @mauribazan

I think I may have found the issue – it appears to be billing related.

I’ll send a DM with the details.

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