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Editor broke upon reloading tab. Nothing works anymore, everything gone :S

hello, my editor is completely broken.

i was uploading an asset, accidentally tapped the reload button while the asset was uploading. editor reloads, everything gone. site structure & assets still there, but preview completely blank. unable to continue working.

tried to clear all site data, no luck. change browsers, no luck. restore a backup, no luck. copy site, no luck.

if anyone has any experience with this, please help me as I cannot continue working at all.


Why not try to restore last backup in settings?

hey Jeff,

thanks, like it says in the post, I tried to restore a backup and that doesnt work.

this doesnt seem to be an issue of actual data loss, it seems to be a display issue with the editor. site structure and assets are still there. it’s as if it is no longer able to visualize what’s there.

Can you share a read only? We could then rule out your side .

yea, sorry, forgot to attach that.

read only:

published (should still work and visualize properly):

i noticed in read only, the structure doesnt appear, whereas in my designer it’s still there.

The grid main is set to display none. Setting it back to Grid resolves the issue does it not?

oh damn, i didnt notice that. that’s weird. so yea, turns out reloading the tab while uploading a file will reset the grid.

once i set the grid up correctly again, everything works. thank you so much. you are a lifesaver.

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