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Editor BG image bug


I found a bug in the designer. When i’m in the editor it shows the BG image i set up in the page template. Instead of the BG image i have chosen in the collection. Outside the editor it shows the correct BG image, but it is confusing for my client.

Can this be fixed or is there a workaround?



Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
([how to share your site Read-Only link][2])

Hi. Please add live url (specific page/collection page) + read only. In general: Sound very weird so maybe also clear cache + test this idea under chrome incognito

Thanks! I 've to figure something out, because it is not happening in a copied site. I’ll get back to it!

The same is happening in incognito mode by the way.

Hi @vanwoods,

Are you still experiencing this trouble? If so, can you please share the site Read-Only link?

Thanks in advance!

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