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Editing websites meta data

Hey Webflow Community,

I am in charge of editing the website for our company and I’m having an issue with the meta data. We are starting a hiring period and we wanted to be able to share the link to our hiring information on social media, but when we try to share it one of Webflow’s stock images is being generated as the link image. I have gone through and changed the Open Graph Image for the over all website as well as for the “Work Here” page to a company image but facebook is still generating the stock image. I have gone through and inspected the code for the page and I have found the image in the code but I can’t edit it directly. How can I either remove this code or tell facebook to use my image instead?

All help is greatly appreciated!


Hello @stephen93,

I would suggest checking the site-wide custom code located in Project Settings. The Open Graph image might in fact be hard coded in that way. Also what image is being loaded by as the OpenGraph image.

Let me know what you find out.


You can also use the Facebook Sharing Debugger. It lets you preview how your content will look when it’s shared to Facebook and debug any issues with your Open Graph tags. Note: You need to login to FB to use it.

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Im not sure what the debugger did, because I didn’t change anything but now it seems to be working. I can still see the other image in the code and its given as an option for the facebook thumbnail but I was able to see my image as well. So thank you! Do you know how to get rid of the other image though? It’s not a huge deal, but my perfectionist tendencies want me to resolve the whole issue :laughing:

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If I remember how the debugger works… Sometimes the OpenGraph image is cached and it has to re-fetch it through the debugger to reset.