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Editing top header bar, FREE Shipping header (CSS)

Hello there fellas, i have my header top , in the shop looking like these

i`d like to move the "FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE" item , to appear after the social media icons on this bar, and not before like it is lying there now :(

the css for this is as follows:

.nt-social-media .social-icons { display: inline-block;  margin-left: -($socialGutter / 2); margin-right: -($socialGutter / 2);  margin-bottom: 0;}
.nt-social-media .icon { width: $social_size; height: $social_size;  line-height: $social_size; display: inline-block;  text-align: center;  margin-left: ($socialGutter / 2);  margin-right: ($socialGutter / 2);}
.nt-social-media .icon:before {display: inline-block; font: normal normal normal 14px/1 FontAwesome;  font-size: ($social_size / 2);  text-rendering: auto; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;  -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale;  line-height: $social_size;}

.nt-social-media .icon-facebook:before {content:"\f09a";}

.nt-social-media .icon-twitter:before {content:"\f099";}

.nt-social-media .icon-pinterest:before {content:"\f231";}

.nt-social-media .icon-googleplus:before {content:"\f0d5";}

.nt-social-media .icon-rss:before {content:"\f09e";}

.nt-social-media .icon-youtube:before {content:"\f167";}

.nt-social-media .icon-instagram:before {content:"\f16d";}

.nt-social-media .icon-linkedin:before {content:"\f0e1";}

.nt-social-media .icon-tumblr:before {content:"\f173";}

.nt-social-media .icon-stumbleupon:before {content:"\f1a4";}

.nt-social-media .icon:hover { @include opacity(0.7); @include transition (all 0.4s ease 0s);}

.nt-social-media h3 {display: inline-block;}


There`s some more code in the file, but i figures , this would be the most relevant for this to change.

Where h3 (last line) is the code that control the appreance of this header text in the bar mentioned above.

Any ideas what do to make the text move after the icons? thanks !


Heres another views of the elemts ivolving this design on a screeenshot i took

The website url is:

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