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Editing the Mobile Separately from Web Version

I know Webflow is suppose to be responsive, but there are times when I want to edit certain elements on a particular platform because they didn’t play nicely. Is this something we can do down the road? Also, any advice on making a website where it will render things correctly? I’m editing, and it looks fine on Desktop, but mobile leaves much to be desired. Thanks!

You can hack your way around a bit by making different content visible for web vs mobile.

See: on this menu you can select to display the content in which device.

It’s a bit tricky, and you have to make several content twice. But with some easy copy-paste you can avoid the horrific containers or sliders on mobile.

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I am confused about your question. Are you just trying to adjust how elements look on different media queries? (tablet, phone etc.) If so, that is pretty much what webflow is all about. At the top of the editor you can choose which device you are designing for. Any changes to each device cascades down to the next unless you modify each. As always, watch the tutorial videos at the top left of the forums. Good Luck.

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Yeah, that’s what I was trying to do. I tried editing it for a specific device, but some of it didn’t get adjusted properly. For instance, I tried editing it for different size phones, and some worked while others didn’t. Still playing around with some of the other features, so I will see.

Thanks for the link! The sliders can be a pain at times, so I would have to insert a code snippet for it. Will review that and some of the demos and videos that’s available.

Hi @brandontluong, this video may be helpful:

Start at 56:00. Hope this helps.

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