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Editing the dropdown menu icon


I’m relatively new to webflow, and I just made my first drop down menu. Sweet! However, I’m not sure how to get rid of the traditional caret for the menu icon, and just replace with a ‘hamburger stack’ type of mobile icon.

I did replace the image so that it looks right on the desktop, but when viewed on mobile, it still has the small red square which indicates there’s an element missing (see below).

Any ideas how to fix this? Or did I replace the caret the wrong way, and these are the terrible results I have sown?



Hi @joe, sorry have not got a reply yet, could you share your public site link, you can enable this from site settings (Enable Public LInk button) and then copy the read only link to your site, and we can see how you have this setup to offer advice. The built in Nav Bar already comes with a hamburger icon, were you trying to customize this with your own image?

Cheers, Dave

Hey Dave!

I’m all for using native icons, I just didn’t see where the icon option were.

The site is here:

Be kind, I’m a newbie! :slight_smile:

Hi Dave:

Just bumping up this thread. I’m looking to enable the hamburger icon for every view, not just mobile views – it seems to me that the hamburger icon only appears when I’m enabling a non-web-based view. I’m a big fan of as little clutter as possible…

So, really, two questions:

  1. Is it easier to use the navbar widget and adjust it to my needs?

  2. Or to create my own container with a dropdown widget? And if so, how does one edit the dropdown widget so that the caret and text are replaced with an icon?


Thanks for the bump @joe :slight_smile: I am checking this now for you :smile: Get back to you soon :smile:

Hey Dave! Any ideas on this? Thank you!

Hi Joe, sorry for long delay… here you can use a navbar widget, which will show the hamburger icon all the time, if you set that in the settings for the Nav Menu, you can set the ‘Menu icon for’ property, and set that to Desktop and Below.

You can then style the menu anyway you wish. I see now you are using an dropdown widget, which is fine, you can continue to use it, or you can use the NavBar. I prefer to use the NavBar myself for main navigation and Drop Down widget for other things, but you can make it anyway you wish :smile:

See my image:

I hope that helps, let us know if any other questions. Cheers, Dave