Editing the color of elements in webflow's accessible accordion component

I’m sure there’s a simple solution, but when I change the color of the arrow elements in the Webflow Accessible Accordion Component for hover the default template blue remains the hover color. How do I change the state colors for this?

Hi @ktdid,

You’ll need to change the background color on accordion-icon_right and accordion-icon_left rather than the typography color.

Hope I understood your question! If not, please let me know.

Hey! That’s what I did do and the color won’t take. Check out my staging page?

Hi @ktdid,

This is actually stemming from the hover interaction on the ‘accordian trigger’ element, screenshot here: Webflow - Music is the Spic...

If you change the color in the interaction from #4353ff to #e2a958 on both actions it should fix you’re issue!

Hope this helps