Editing one grid affects other grids, how to stop?

I’ve been trying my hand at this since last night and I can not for the life of me figure this out.

When I make an edit to a grid, those edits affect other grids. This shouldn’t be happening because each grid is unique.

I’ve deleted grids, made new grids, put images inside those new grids, and the problem still happens.

Here is what a correct grid should look like:

The photo takes up the full view from top to bottom

Here are the grids that are messed up:

They shouldn’t have gaps near the bottom. I’ll fix the margins, get them where they need to be, then it’ll mess up another grid.

Here is where the portfolio starts - https://casens-initial-project.webflow.io/fashion-5/deathbyromy-mvkdre
You click to the left to go to the previous page and click right to go to the next page.

I’m hoping this is a very silly mistake i’m making >.<
Thanks for your time!

Here is my site Read-Only: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/casens-initial-project?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=casens-initial-project&preview=8388ca069399ccfeebb84275a77e7f58&pageId=5f2332ed1443c71d2f7c47e0&itemId=5f233309dcddef4eaccf6f62&mode=preview

From what I can see, seems like it’s not the grids that are causing the images not to stretch full height but the class on the images themselves. E.g. the one with the girls posing in front of some rocks has max height set to 80VH. That needs to be 100VH if you want it to be full height.

Thanks for taking a look @marklovin. That page is supposed to be like that, and there are several pages like that, where one image is full height to the left and a smaller image to the right. My thing is, that image to the left has space at the bottom of the image and it shouldn’t be there. So i’ll adjust the margin of that grid to make it just right, yet in doing so it’ll affect other grids and I don’t know why.

Did you ever get this figured out I am having the same issue as well

Hey, apologies on the late reply. I actually ended up making space at the top and bottom and just forgot about it being full screen lol. It was taking way too much time, and have left that project until I have more time to work on it. Overall I’m happy with that decision, try it out!