Editing on desktop view does not transfer correctly to Mobile view

Hello, I have been editing my site using desktop view. I decided to take a look at the site on mobile view and everything is all over the place. Is there a way to make the edits on the desktop global for all platforms?

Hey Isaiah @irodgers, welcome to the Webflow fourm! :webflow_heart:

please share your read-only link so we can help you out. Thank you!


In the “Service” section, the icons and descriptions look all over the place.

@irodgers, you currently have wrapped your Service Icon, Paragraph Bigger and Paragraph Light with a Div Block. I’d suggest you give that Div Block a class and use display: flex; and the appropriate settings for your desired layout. Any changes you make on the main Desktop breakpoint cascade down to the smaller breakpoints unless specified differently.

Let me know if this helps.