Editing links in editor mode is not registered as change for publish and not saved

I can change/edit link address in Designer, but when I edit the same links in Editor mode (same problem happens in clients editor) the CMS-system does not register the change and it is not saved or staged for publish. When I navigate away from the page where I edited the link, and then back again, the link is back to what it was before I made the change. Only me?

Here is my site Read-Only: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/7ocean?utm_source=7ocean&preview=7d3ebac15070cb46de2f3914531073ac

Hi @Christoffer

We pushed a fix for this one — can you try recreating the link in the Designer, then publish and see if you can use the Editor to change the link destination?

​Thanks in advance.


EDIT: @Brando Did some more testing. Same thing happens. The change is now saved as long as I stay on the page, but when I navigate away from the page and back again it has changed back to what it was before. I’m not able to publish from Editor mode.

I can now change the link and it is saved. But I can not publish the change in editor mode, is this because the editor mode in my designer license is “simulated”?

I can check with the client if it works on his side.

Hi @Christoffer

Thanks for letting me know. :thinking:

And just to be sure – you deleted the link in the Designer, then re-created it and published before testing?

Can you try in incognito as well, when you have a moment please?

​Thanks in advance and I’m standing by to hear what your client has to say. :bowing_man:

Hi @Brando

This is not happening to just one button/link, it’s on all buttons and links, a bit time consuming to delete and re-create all buttons and links. Have tested on 2-3 other sites too… same thing on every site.

EDIT: Have not got any respons from the client yet.

Here is a screen grab from a different site. On this site changes is not registered/saved at all

Hi @Christoffer

Thanks for the update here. It looks like the fix we pushed is working for most users, and the team is currently investigating why this fix hasn’t worked on your end.

Can you please try logging out of Webflow, completely closing your browser, then log back in and see if you can use the Editor to change the link and publish as expected?

Also as a follow up — can you please let me know if this site is a clone, a duplicate, or if you’ve copy/pasted any sections or elements in this project from another project?


Hi @Brando

Have logged out, closed all chrome browser tabs and restarted. Same thing. Here is a screen grab from after the restart. The sites is all build from a blank canvas, no copy/paste from other projects.

Just as a note, I’m on Windows 10 not Mac.

Thanks for the heads up @Christoffer.

We’ll dig into this more with the team. I’ll be sure to let you know when we have more information :bowing_man:

Hi there,

Unfortunately I have a client that is still reporting this error… Any ideas why ?
What can I do ?

The problem is in the editor and not in the designer. Specifically when wanting to change a link to a pdf.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello, guys, my client is having the same issue. But it’s not a symbol, it’s a link block inside the slider. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Trying to change the link from the link block to basically anything, google.com, or a page in the website and nothing. The publish button does not ‘show up’.

Thanks a lot! =)

Thanks for letting me know, Can you share your project links @rayssaDakis and @pepperclip?

@rayssaDakis @pepperclip @Christoffer

The team is working on a fix for this right now. I’ll let you know when its live :bowing_man:

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Hey @Brando sorry for the delay. Here’s the link if you still need to take a look at it. It’s the slider’s link block.

Thanks for taking a look at the problem! =)


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Hi there,

The problem is apparently still giving a headache to clients… I’m experiencing it again with another project and sent all the details to priority support team… > https://preview.webflow.com/preview/ticket-for-change?utm_source=ticket-for-change&preview=b9922878eb71e089aae2e062b3b64541

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Hi @pepperclip,

Thanks again for reporting this :sunflower:, after looking into it it we found that link editing in the Editor canvas regressed yesterday afternoon. depending on caching some users may not have run into it yet.

We just pushed out a fix for this that landed a few minutes ago.

If you do a hard refresh in the Editor it should work as expected again.

Let me know if you’re still running into issues.


Thanks, apparently its working again.
Thank you !

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Hi @YoavGivati

This bug is back. The editor does not register that button links is changed and changes is then not saved/published.

The site in question is www.7ocean.no


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Hi, @Christoffer!

I’m so sorry that you’re running into this issue again. I’m investigating now and I’ll get back to you as soon as I know more!

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Hi @Christoffer just a heads up that this should no longer be an issue :slight_smile:

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