Editing EM Template

Hi everyone,
I am excited to learn about webflow. I purchased a template called Evan Maison but it appears to have an ambition before the home page appears. Does anyone know where this animation lives or how it can be edited? It doesn’t have its own page. Is there something I don’t have in my current account in order to change it? Hope someone can help me please!
Thank you

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @Tatiana_Cantarovich, welcome to the Webflow forum.

You can find all interactions inside the Interactions (H) panel on the right hand side. The corresponding elements will always be found in the Navigator (Z).

Press H or Z on your keyboard to access these panels via the shortcut.

If you would like us to take a closer look at your project, please share your read-only link. Thank you!

Hi Julian, Thank you for responding.
Here is link: Webflow - Tatiana Cantarovich Portfolio

do you know how I can get the name to not be cut off? I am trying to understand why the letter T is cut in the page loader animation.

Thank you!

Inside the symbol Page Loader, navigate to Page Loader Logo Left and reset the width back to Auto. It’s currently set to a fixed width of 100px;

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! Can I ask you other questions as well please?