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Editing dropdowns is a nightmare

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but editing dropdowns is a mayor pain:
•select dropdown
•open menu
•delete something

Oops! the dropdown is now closed again, back to step one. It might not seem like a big deal until you have multiple dropdowns to edit. Something that should take 5 mins takes 30…

Once a dropdown is open on the editing interface it should remain open until the user decides to close it!


hi @Mowgli,

Try to select drop list and choose display block, edit all you need, after that just click display none and that’s all.


Hi, thanks for this, it works and I’ll use it for now, it’s what I already do with self-made interactive components, but bearing in mind that dropdowns are a built in component with its own custom settings within the settings palette, it is a botched solution as it makes the settings palette superfluous.

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Actually I just tried that but it is no good as I’m using dropdowns to create accordions and once I select “display block” all my dropdowns open with their content overlaying each other which makes it impossible to edit.

I agree with Mowgli, editing dropdowns is not a fun thing to do. When you delete an item in the standard dropdown widget it instantly closes. Then you have to reopen, edit, repeat…

This is getting worse, now my dropdowns close as I’m trying to drop elements into them…frustration

enabling xray mode closes the dropdown…

@Mowgli, you can also try to turn down visibility (your imagination) of droplists you don’t want to see, than just open that one droplist styling it to display: block. This way you can see one droplist at the time.


this is all great in theory but hardly practical, it is just no feasible to spend ages adding various classes to all my dropdowns so that I can edit them only to have to remove them again afterwards…and them add them again if there’s more editing to do