Editing a Rich Text Block on mobile without changing desktop view


I’m trying to find out if it is possible to alter content within a rich text block in mobile view without it changing in desktop view.
I want to move the image on top of ‘Tonic Service Features’ (see picture attached).
Please can anyone tell me how to do this without it moving on desktop view?

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To do that you’d want to take the image out of the rich text element and make it its own separate image element.

Then wrap the Rich text and image in a DIV, with the image as the first child.

   Image element
   Rich text element

At the desktop breakpoint, set the DIV to flex, horizontal, reverse direction.

At mobile, keep the DIV as flex, but change it to vertical, forward direction.

This will give you the text-left-image-right arrangement on desktop, and image-top-text-bottom arrangement on mobile.

Thank you Michael, I will give that a go :slight_smile: