Edited layout on all viewports and it looks fine but website does not look good on client laptop and monitor

Hi there

I’m new to webflow (built about 3 sites on it so far)

I did email support and george responded once and now it’s been 7 days and not a word from him…

So I built this site for my client, and the site looks good on all viewports in webflow, and it looks good on my macbook and another monitor and my phone as well. But the client had a look at it on a laptop, and two monitors and the allignment of some sections just looks completely different than on webflow. So I don’t know what to do because I edited the site and it looks good on all viewports within webflow. And I mean it can’t just be her laptops because she checked on 3 different ones…

Thanks for reading, I appreciate your help

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Lorcan,

You might need to give some screenshots of the problems you’re seeing, and specifics about which pages / sections are having problems. Also details about what browser & system your client is using.