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Editable graph for speed of transitions

Hi everyone,

I´m sure last year I could open up a graph somewhere in the interactions panel (interactions 1 perhaps?) to customise my own easing transitions.

Was this feature dropped when you introduced I2?

I wanted to edit the start/end speed of the Out-Circ and thought I could do this, but perhaps I´m just limited to the pre-installed choices?

Thanks for the help!


Here is my public share link: LINK
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The dialog you’re talking about is at Style level, in the style panel under Transitions

And that’s the only place where you can benefit from its wonders.

Do we want it everywhere? Yes we do! Do we ask for it over and over? Count on me!

There’s maybe hope…

If you look at the very recent Ecommerce webflow page, you can see that:

It’s the easing panel, along with an IX2 panel… So does it mean the easing panel is going to be available tool-wide for everything easing? I SO hope it is!

Awesome, I thought I was going mad!! hahahah

Cheers Vince, you´re a star!

Super cool it might be in IX2 :smiley: