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Edit the mobile menu in the Soft template

I purchased the Soft template, now I’m stuck editing the mobile menu. Normally a mobile menu can be expanded in the designer, with this menu I think its all an interactions. I tried to edit the interactions, but I ended up breaking the whole thing. I had to revert back to a back-up copy.
If anyone has some pointers on how to tackle this, I would be so grateful!

The link below futures the Soft template:

Thank you!

Hi @Jitze_De_Wilde

Can you please share your read-only link?

Hey there @Jitze_De_Wilde - in order to edit the menu, you just have to change the display of the “Nav Menu” from none to flex. When you’re done editing the menu, just make sure you put the “Nav Menu” back to display none. Let me know if this video helps with your problem, thanks!

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Hey @Jitze_De_Wilde, just following up to see if you were able to figure this out from my last comment? Let me know if you need more help here!


Yes! That solved it! Thank you so much.

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Anytime, message me if you have any other questions!