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Edit menu items in hamburger menu

Hi :slight_smile:

Looking for help bought the Arkin template and I can’t seem to figure out how to edit my menu (hamburger drop downs) I want to delete the ones I won’t need/ edit some text… also change elements of the footer so that it matches my website (and not the template) been playing around with it for 2 hrs and no such luck.

Hey Ashlee! Here is a quick video showing you how to find and edit your menu items as you requested! Hope this is what you were looking for! :slight_smile: Cheers!


Hi Noah,

That was soo helpful! Thank you for making that video (made it soo much easier to understand)

Really appreciate it!



My pleasure. Last thing, you might find helpful:

Hi Noah

What a big help I’m so grateful! Thank you for taking the time to explain ^^ makes so much more sense now.

Really loving webflow so far :slight_smile:



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I’m really glad to hear that and no problem, my pleasure!


Hey Noah,

Hope you are having a good day.

You were such a big help last time — I was wondering if you might be able to help me quickly again?

services section ( & about section) I’ve lost the grey lines from the template when I changed the text and background colour… noticed it’s off the about me section too will provide visuals for ref (please see light grey divider lines in design)

below were its highlighted in blue its missing the grey lines :frowning: accidentally deleted or hide them

Hey @Ashlee_McKay, I’m looking at it and I’m guessing you figured it out because I do see the grey lines there lol.

Your site is looking awesome by the way. I love your work. One thing I would also mention is to fix your social links… I clicked on your Instagram to see more of your work and the link is missing important characters.

For example, the way it is now is “”
Should be: “


Hi Noah

Yes your right sorry got so caught up I forgot to follow up with that. I gave it another crack with borders on the right panel and played around with the padding took me a while but I got it… Finally yay haha

Thank you anyways really appreciate the quick response :slight_smile:

No problem! I would have answered sooner but I was sleeping lol… You are like around the world in a completely different time zone, and btw… add this to the <head> tag in your site settings under custom code:

    * {
        box-sizing: border-box;

It will keep any borders on your site from creating unwanted space and sizing issues.

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oh amazing will do thank you :slight_smile: would it be in head code section or footer code or both? theres already some code in there do I just add this in there too with the other? Sorry I really know nothing about coding.

One more question is it possible to upload animated svgs /gifs illustrations with movement like the one from this website ?

Thanks again Noah for the help with my site.

Hey @Ashlee_McKay! You would place any styling in the head code. If you already see tags in the head code then just take what’s in between what I sent you and paste it at the top but still inside the . You just have to wrap and CSS within those tags. You can have as much as you need in there.

Far as the animated SVG’s, yes! You definitely can. It can get tricky though if you don’t know what you’re really doing though. You would want actualy SVG code though. Not just an image with an .svg file extension.

My pleasure!

@Ashlee_McKay You can do SVG animations with Lottie! Check this page out!

Hey Noah,

Thanks for that have added it, and will for sure checkout Lottie :slight_smile:

I just checked my site on mobile and there are some really random spacings and sizing of images. Do you do dev work for webflow? or freelance by chance? I don’t think its something I can work out with my small timeframe. The desktop version I’m happy with its just mobile I didn’t realize how off some things are looking :frowning:

few examples below (attached)



Yes, I do Ashlee. You can email me at or if you want you can give me your email and I can add you to my slack channel for more fluid responses. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I have exactly the same issue, but the Loom recordings that Noah-R posted aren’t available anymore. Does anybody have a tip on how to edit the menu items inside the mobile menu?

My site:

I wish I could be more help I actually used the video recently to change my logo I remember it being something with turning on and off the overlay to edit the hamburger menu and update the logo. Might be in the menu overlay? I tried to go back in and replicate it but I couldn’t without the help of the video. It there it’s just hidden. Hopefully someone else will be better help :slight_smile:

Thanks, hope some of the original posters come back & may be able to help. Appreciate your response!

Hi Noah-R, just discovering this thread, but both your Loom videos are gone by now unfortunately. Any chance you could repost or share the solution somehow? Encountering the same problem