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Edit Embedly Code to support full frame

So I guess at the moment, Webflow gives a fixed frame size of 640x480 pixels for all Embedly embeds…
Support told me to reach out here and see if anyone could chime in on how to set some custom css to style. Ultimately, looking to give it a height of 100%… otherwise the content is cut-off from the overflow.
Would it be as simple as just finding the class Embedly/Webflow uses and setting that in the css area?

I am familiar with css language, but just not sure how to implement this into Webflow, since they handle so much of the css.

Here’s the response from Webflow for context:
At the moment the embeds have a fixed size of 640x480 pixels and the content that overflows from the embed container is hidden.

At the moment it is not possible to control the embed styling natively through Webflow, the same issue occurs also for Facebook embeds, or other embeds that use service (which Webflow does at the moment).

You might be able to use some custom css to modify the embed classes dynamically when the page is published and rendered, support for getting help with a custom solution is on our code help pages here:

Do you have a demo of this issue?

@samliew i just posted the same issue here: Can't style video in rich text block?

@Bradpaulp did you ever find a fix for this?