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Edit cursor (circle) change section color

Hi Everyone,

I use on my site a custom cursor, a white circle. I want to change the color of the border of the circle when it’s scrolling into a white section. So the circle is still visible. But which transition action do I need and how to setup that one…

Let me know!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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@BramGoossens Can you share a read-only link? Then we have a look.

oh sure:

@BramGoossens Your “hover interaction” doesn’t work. Have you some there custom code?

I tried some different setups with hover and scroll into viewport etc. But that doesn’t work. Don’t look to much on how the settings are set right now. My wish is when the user circle is passing the border off the white part (with the logos). The circle becomes black…

Thanks in forward🙏