Edit all sections simultaneously?

Is there a way to edit the CSS of sections simultaneously? So in the same way you can change “All h1 Headings”, could I edit all sections? By “section”, of course, is meant either a) the full-width element you add from the left-hand sidebar or b) the actual HTML5 element “section”, which you can assign via the right-hand settings panel.

I know I can add my own CSS rules, just curious if there’s a way to change all at once via the Designer UI.

When you a class to the section/div/element then changes to that class are going to affect every element with that class.

Or Are you wanting to set it for the base section element without adding a class?

Within Webflow only no.

A section in webflow ins’t even a <section> html element, it’s just a div.

So in CSS you CAN actually target all the DIVs:

div {color:red} will affect all the DIVs but as everything by default is a DIV, what a mess it would be…

Just give the same base class to all your sections so you can control them later on. I use that solution.

Well, it is for me! You’re right that’s how they start, but I make my <section> tags actually “sections”:

So my question was, is there a way to affect all the base classes here (section, header, footer, etc.) without using a class via the Webflow UI. But it sounds like there isn’t! So custom CSS it is. Thanks!

Yes you’re right, custom code i is.

On what assumption? It shouldn’t be automatic, at all.

Of course, you’re right! Still, was just curious how to edit native HTML5 elements directly, without adding classes. Thanks for your help…

I guess that would be helpful sometimes, yes.

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