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Ecwid Store Not Indexing

Hi Guys,

We are having major issues using Ecwid with Webflow hosted sites not being indexed. Ecwid provide a solution to this but we cant add the .htaccess on our Webflow hosted sites.

Adding the Sitemaps on Webflow and then on Google Search Console does just not work, Google is just refusing to read or index the links in the sitemap.

We have been speaking with Brandon and he suggested: “Ecwid provides a solution on how to clean up these URLs if you don’t have access to the .htaccess file:” but unfortunately this doesn’t work either.

Now to get the site indexing if we created a static sitemap page with all the shop URL’s on I think this would then index, but unfortunately inserting a lot of hyperlinks on the page requires a lot of hyperlinking and that is not going to be the best practice, so I tried using jQuery-linkify but Google cant read the links when crawling the page as obviously this is on page load.

What is the easiest way on Webflow to create 150 hyperlinks on a static page “sitemap” without manually hyperlinking them.