Ecommerce user?

I would to externalizing my logistic for my future ecommerce, is there a way to add an user who can be a “shop user” who can change stock and edit order ?

Merci from France :wink:


Fred I believe that the Collaborator role can do that from the Editor, on an E-commerce or CMS website. You can add 3 per CMS or E-commerce website with a site plan.

However, you don’t get to control what they see and what they do, yet. They’ll have full power over CMS and E-commerce content, and over the publishing action. You cannot limit their actions yet. I’m sure it will come one day but as for today it’s not announced.

De rien from France :joy:

Salut Vincent !

Thank you for this perfect answer ! I asked this question because I doesn’t start my “month free plan for business”, I just see video tutorial & be convinced by Webflow :wink:

Fred :wink: