Ecommerce Upgrade for Student CMS Plan


I am currently on a Student Plan for my Registered Student Organizations website TEDxMSU.
I was hoping to upgrade my CMS plan to the standard ecommerce plan for 29$ a month in order to track ticket orders and registrations of the FREE annual conference however it will not allow me to do so since I am on a free student plan. Does anyone know if there is a way around this or can help me figure out how to purchase the ecommerce plan without losing my student benefits?

TEDxMSU is a Non-Profit, student-led organization at Michigan State University. We are a collaboration between the university, the students, faculty, alumni and friends, as well as the larger East Lansing community. Our annual conference features interdisciplinary talks with the purpose of promoting inquiry and critical discussion, as well as incredible performers and many more experiences.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hey Sarah, did you find a way? I’m dealing with the same thing. Your site is awesome btw!

Hi @sarahcav Have you tried EventBrite. You can create/track events/tickets on there. Only pay a fee through ticket sales but if the tickets are free then there are no costs.