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Ecommerce Tracking not working with Google Tag Manager Installed

Ok, thanks looking forward to a solution.

@johnramos one question, you say it will take a day before it will show up. That surprises me. I have made many implementations With GA and eCom. They show up directly. How is the WF implementation done?

Hi @JanneWassberg - great question. I’ll have to reach out to the Ecommerce team and ask about this. I will reply back when I have more information.


I understand how to implement the Google Tag Manager correctly I just need to know how I can add dynamic information to the data layer that would work in Webflow and match each order’s field from the Webflow e-commerce success page.

The tutorials are both things I’ve seen before but need someone from to Webflow to help me with the dynamic fields. There is no mention of these anywhere across any Webflow materials.

I really do need this information from you!

Hi @tjthomsonjones, in this case, you could check out our Ecommerce API to retrieve dynamic data from the orders. You could consult with a developer on the best way to implement with the Google Tag Manager.

Hi @JanneWassberg Analytics started tracking the orders after I turned on “Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting” in admin.

Screenshot of analytics:

That is turned on in my admin. Has Always been turned on as i said in my mail before

So the problem is still there. No tracking

Webflow Staff

    February 5

Hi @JanneWassberg Analytics started tracking the orders after I turned on “Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting” in admin.

Screenshot of analytics:

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@johnramos I can see that you uses USD as curecncy. Have you tried with SEK?

@johnramos Any news regarding this?

Hi @johnramos

Do you not think it would be easiest if the Webflow e-commerce team could provide us with all of the dynamic fields for the data layer for the e-commerce system they have built?

Google analytics is a crucial reporting system to monitor the success of the stores we build on your platform. Google Tag Manager is now becoming more of a staple integration for scaling businesses. Webflow is of course a platform many non developers will be using and having a resource that allows us to implement tracking successfully would be extremely helpful, and considering the two points prior, for an increasing number of your user base.

Is it not possible for you to share this information and have a resource we all can use?

Hi @JanneWassberg apologies for the delay. I was away for most of yesterday. That is an interesting point about the currencies. I will try changing to SEK and report my findings.

Hi @tjthomsonjones, that is a great point. I believe the data layer information should be able to be retrieved from our Ecommerce API. I will run a few tests in the following weeks but cannot provide a timeline as custom integrations does fall outside of our support policy. You might also consider asking your question in the custom code section to see if any other users in the forum have set up the data layer with Google Tag Manager.

Hi @JanneWassberg, after taking a look at the site, I already had it set to SEK. By default, the global currency type of a reporting view is USD . More information can be found here:

Yes but i Have local set to SEK. However GA is not tracking Any sales and that is the problem. Realy don’t know what to since the implementation is on your side.

Hi @JanneWassberg, this does sound unusual. I’m not sure what else I could recommend other than making sure all of your Google Analytics settings are correct. Maybe double-check the tracking id? The setup I ran was with a duplicated version of the site just with a different Google tracking ID.

This site has been working fine for years. The tracking Id is correct. Everything except a sales is tracked., visitor, pages and more…

Feels kind of … when it’s not tracking sales

Hi @JanneWassberg, interesting. I’ll try and see if I can think of anything else that might be blocking this. Jörn informed me that you do not have duplicated versions of the tracking code within the site, so we were able to rule that out.

Yes à talkad to him. Have turned off and on the tracking in GA.
Have turned off and on Gtag.js in Webflow and republish the site, Will se If that Works

@JanneWassberg Sounds good.

@johnramos hi tested another site today, same problems. We really need to figure this out.