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Ecommerce suggestions

Hi there,

We’ve been using Woocommerce for a while with WP. I’m relatively new to Webflow; I’ve heard Shopify is good and now foxy and others. If you have a minute would anyone have any thoughts/observations on a good platform to use, something worth investing our time into learning for future sites?

Thanks for the time and help! :slight_smile:

Shopify is comprehensive, but to integrate it with Webflow, you are are looking at updating products in both platforms.

This thread is full of suggestions:

For me - @foxy gets my vote - you manage your design and your products in one place - Webflow - rather than two places. The support they offer regardless of your previous knowledge is genuinely incredible. Let them know your project needs at the start and they will let you know any limitations. At present inventory control is the only thing i’m missing - Foxy have created the functionality, just needs a way for Webflow to integrate it securely.

Hope that helps

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Hi Stu,

Thanks for your time there, really useful! thanks a million!! :smiley:



Hi Stu - I’m currently looking at Foxy - can you expand on the above? Also - what do you do for user database, to retain login details and user profile? Do you need a separate database for that? I’ve been looking at Caspio, still not sure what’s the best/easiest/cheapest non programming approach.

I like both Shopify and Foxy. They are both great and I think either one will give you a great ecommerce site. (I’ve worked in both platforms.)


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Hi @aggedor2

As I understand it, the roadblock to inventory auto-updating is Webflow allowing editing of a live CMS item via the API. This would make a difference in many use cases, and integrations, just one of which being e-commerce and inventory control.

Have a read of this thread, Nathan has updated it to say that they are scoping live editing of CMS items: Publishing collection data and removing OAuth integration

In very brief terms the way Foxy works with Webflow is:

  • Create and manage the product, descriptions, prices, variants, images within Webflow CMS
  • At present, add a manual toggle for in stock/out of stock
  • Embed Foxy cart and checkout code
  • Foxy’s add to cart takes the product data and creates the transaction ready to checkout.

Inventory functionality would mean Foxy could then feed through back to the CMS and update stock levels.

As I understand it Foxy’s integration is ready, once Webflow enable live editing via API.

I haven’t utilised a user database system so far, so essentially customers checkout as a guest each time (Foxy does saves the receipts/transactions for each store). However, Foxy does allow for creating a password so a customer can save and edit their payment/contact details.

Hope that’s useful


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@PixelPanda Thank you for your kind words!

@StuM Thank you for answering @aggedor2’s questions

@aggedor2 Please let us know if we can help with anything.

@StuM - thanks, I really appreciated the detail in your response earlier. Is there any update on the release allowing editing of the live CMS?

Not yet - waiting for @nathan on that - or maybe @callmevlad can update on the live AMA with @PixelGeek on 19th December?

It would be good to know if it will be expected in the short/medium/long term.

I’m guessing the main concerns will be around security and validation - as I say it’s a feature that will open up a lot of use cases (not just e-commerce/inventory) so they will want to rigorously test it.

Fingers crossed for news soon :crossed_fingers:

I personally prefer Foxy / Webflow setup. Easy to manange the inventory in Webflow CMS.

@mikelson you say you have the inventory i webflow CMS . How is it deducting sold items in stock?

I’m guessing @mikelson means ‘manually’ managing the inventory - easy to add new items, archiving/deleting old items, and manually switching a toggle when something is out of stock.

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