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Ecommerce store embedded in website


I currently have an ecommerce store through Ecwids that I embedded into my webflow website. Unfortunately, google and bing will not index down to the individual items (only indexes down to the storefront page). So, when googling a particular part number or name of a product, we will never show up in the search results. I posted this on the google webmaster forum, and they stated it was an issue with the type of crawling scheme (AJAX) utilized. I was wondering if anyone else has found a work around with this or another way to create it. Webflow support was very quick to reply and provide a link to shopping cart (thank you), but this is outside what they are supposed to respond to. Ultimately, I’m trying to avoid having to rebuild, but absolutely will if necessary. Sidenote: I am code illiterate, completely - please keep that in mind with any replies. Thanks for any help in advance!


Hi @Mike_Carson it looks like you can go the route of just adding the buy button to your collection template pages:

This way you can just have all of your product information on your Webflow site page (which gets indexed) but the buy button information doesn’t get indexed but at least your products will going that route.

Hope that this helps!


Much appreciated! Thank you for the help (both in the email and on this)!


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If you need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out. With Foxy/Webflow, no programming skills needed and product pages will be auto generated in Webflow. The best of both worlds. :slight_smile: