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Ecommerce special business needs SIMrace


I’d like to know if webflow ecommerce, could cover this business case needs.

The business is a SIMcar store, they need:

a user area login/password
User profile administration and points for the customer
Product selling (this is cover)
Rental in advace for minutes a RaceSIM.
API integration with thrird parties like game APIs

It is something that could be manage with webflow?

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Nope. Webflow does not offer these capabilities.

Hi @Pablo_Ledo.
I know we’ve chatted about this via email but wanted to share with the community, just in case. What you’re after is possible with Foxy + Webflow, but would require an outside database for Foxy to tie into to update usage, credits, etc.

If anyone is in need of something similar, please don’t hesitate to DM or email (


Hi Josh, thank you! It’s seems that if we get the project, we will probably use Besides, I’ve use it before and it works like a charm.

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Hi @Pablo_Ledo.
That sounds like a plan. Please let us know if we can help with anything.