Ecommerce solution suggestions for EU customers?

Hi Webflowers, we’re going to redesign and rebuilt a craft beer brand and looking for some suggestion what to use best.

This is the current website

We would like to use Webflow for the main site but for the shop i would like to know your experiences with webflow ecommerce or shopify or foxy or anything else?

It would be the best to use Webflow ecommerce but to be honest I’m afraid of scalability and limitations of webflow ecommerce. The client is not looking for complicated ecommerce, just selling different sort of craft beers but surely customer portal is a must.

So what we thought was building the site in Webflow and using Shopify as a sub domain for the web shop.

Any suggestions are welcome! would like to know how to deal with this in a best way!

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I’ve always found a reason why we can’t give Webflow’s eCommerce to a customer. It’s woefully lacking in general.

Try Snipcart. It works beautifully with Webflow and is very flexible.

Foxy Cart frequently pop up in here, which is a similar solution I gather, but I’ve not used them before so can’t vouch for the offering.

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Hey thanks for the suggestion! yeah Webflow ecommerce is just not usable at all. I wonder is there really any webflow ecommerce site making any business?

Yeah our favourite is Foxy currently but Snipcart looks also not bad but they look like an aussie company right? so would they support euro transcriptions?

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Hi @zweimillimeter.
Josh with Foxy here. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of assistance: